Falcon and Winter Soldier first Impressions

Spoilers ahead

While the world goes gaga over the director’s cut of the Justice League, (something I’m not getting into yet), I decided to dive into The Falcon and Winter Soldier. 

I’ve enjoyed seeing them on the big screen, and was really looking forward to them transitioning to the small screen (small stream?).

Both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have spent time as the sidekicks of Captain America. In the comics, Bucky was a kid who was Cap’s sidekick. Short of that most things about him have been pretty accurate. Captured by Hydra, brainwashed, super-soldiered, you know the drill.

Both have also spent time as Captain America in the comics. 

And both actors share great chemistry on and off-screen. Which the trailers seem to indicate would be utilized to the maximum potential in the show. 

At the end of Endgame, Cap gives Sam his shield and essentially tells him to take over.

Coming at the heels of WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier takes a different approach. Unlike the sitcom approach, we’re given an international action adventure.

It starts off pretty quick with a high-octane action sequence showing us what Falcon is capable of, as he takes on the bad guys and Batroc the leaper. Georges St Pierre makes his return as the villain, albeit still without the comic book costume. Seriously Marvel gives him that costume for live-action. And the mustache. Please.

My first assumption was this is going to be a hard-hitting buddy-cop action-comedy saga, it still could be, but it isn’t yet. Like WandaVision, this show is also set to post blip, where not just the regular people but superheroes too are dealing with the loss and confusion. 

These problems are explored for both Sam and Bucky. With Sam having to deal with the problems in the family home of Louisiana, where his sister Sarah has been struggling to turn their parent's fishing boat into a viable business. 

While Bucky has bigger trauma to deal with. After spending the better part of the last few decades as a brainwashed super-soldier assassin, he’s not only trying to make his way through the world but also struggling to make amends. In hopes of getting rid of the nightmares from his past haunting him every night. 

Bucky gets an action sequence too. It’s a memory from his time as the Winter Soldier. But the majority of his story deals with character growth. He goes on his first date in probably 80 years, thanks to his elderly Asian-American neighbor. But there’s a plot twist, which I’ll try not to spoil.

So, was I disappointed with it?

Yes and no.

I had built up the show in my head of what I thought it would be. While I got some great action sequences, I didn’t get everything I wanted. It also felt a bit slow and dragging at certain points. 

However, the show delivered in other places. An interesting set of stories that deals with the heroes’ alienation and disconnect. Especially after losing Captain America. 

A new organization is known as Flag Smashers believes the world was better off when the blip happened. Sam donating the shield to the Smithsonian for the Captain America exhibit only to see the government do something he did not expect. How will this affect the legacy of Captain America that he hoped would be untarnished?

All in all, it was enjoyable. I wish it had more action. But that little twist at the end gives me hope for some solid fun for this dynamic duo.

Words by: Anant Sagar

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