warpcore pull list March

It’s time again for the pull list. March edition. There have been some really good comics over the last month. And some not-so-great ones too. And a couple of unexpected ones.

We’ve got some good stuff to cover. So let’s not dilly dally. Let’s go!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #2

It’s finally out. The second part of the jaw dropping new story from Waltz, Eastman, and Laird. Secrets have been revealed, and we now begin to realise what happened in the past to bring about this apocalyptic future. The Ronin meets a new ally, The Foot is on the hunt for the vengeful mutant, and Baxter Stockman has something up his sleeve. Catch this epic series. Now!

This one also comes with a bunch of variant covers to keep collectors extremely happy. 


From the mind of the iconic Keanu Reeves, comes BRZRKR. This is honestly something I’ve been monitoring for a while, and it is fun. He teams up to co-write with Matt Kindt, and with art by Ron Garney (Wolverine, Captain America) for this brutally violent series. An immortal half human – half god warrior has wandered the world for centuries and has finally found refuge working for the US government. All the bloody, gory, violent stuff that they can’t handle themselves. In exchange for the truth about his endless existence, and how to end it.

Fun fact: You’ll even find a recreation of the sad Keanu meme in the issue.

Rat Queens #25

I will never stop recommending Rat Queens. For lovers of fantasy, sword and sorcery, dungeons and dragons, bad ass women, great writing, and just good comics. 

Rat Queens are trapped in a mysterious dimension. Powerless, they come face to face with the force that has wreaked havoc on their realm. The Void. How will they survive? How will they save not just themselves, but the whole realm? Talk about having a bad day.

Non-Stop Spider-man #1

Buckle up for an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping, madcap adventure with your favorite web-slinger. As the name suggests, this is literally non-stop. A mystery at Empire State University throws Spidey into an adventure that leads him from uptown Manhattan on an around the world pitting him against villains old and new. Prepare yourself for a Spiderman (and Spiderman story) like never before. 

Words: Anant Sagar

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